Current jobs of READI are advertised on our career page. Due to the number of enquiries we receive, we can only respond to applications for specific READI job postings and we cannot keep CVs on file.
Volunteers play a key role help READI achieve its mission to reduce poverty and injustice around Bangladesh, from office work to helping in shops or stewarding at events.Please note that while we appreciate the interest shown by those wishing to do voluntary work with READI, we do not have the resources to keep volunteer applications on file.
In all our actions READI’s goal is to enable people to exercise their rights and manage their own lives. From long-term program work and short-term emergency relief to immediate campaign action,READI believes in empowering people. For more detailed partner and project information, please visit the websites of READI.
READI campaigns for changes that will make Bangladesh safer and more just for its poorest and most vulnerable people. Working with a local team of campaigners and allied organizations and partners, we are currently campaigning in these main areas: agriculture; climate change; trade and economic justice; health and education; and sports and culture.
Preferring to use our limited resources to support groups of people in the countries where we work to set up development, humanitarian assistance and advocacy projects that will benefit a whole community.
You will find contact information in the Contact area of this website.In this page you get the contact person cell number.From this person you will get your desire staff number.
READI believes that any stakeholder has the right to raise a complaint, have that complaint addressed and receive a response for mistakes, wrongful actions or breaches of the codes to which READI confederation ansubscribe. Every effort will be made to address and resolve the complaints at the READI confederation and affiliate levels. All complaints will be logged.